anti-D immunoglobulin

anti-D immunoglobulin
= anti-D Ig
a preparation of anti-D, a rhesus factor antibody formed by Rh-negative individuals following exposure to Rh-positive blood (usually by exchange between fetal and maternal blood in Rh-negative women who carry a Rh-positive fetus). Anti-D Ig is administered (by intramuscular injection) to Rh-negative women within 72 hours of giving birth to a Rh-positive child (or following miscarriage or abortion) to prevent the risk of haemolytic disease of the newborn in a subsequent child. It rapidly destroys any remaining Rh-positive cells, which could otherwise stimulate antibody production affecting the next pregnancy. Anti-D is also available as antenatal prophylaxis to all Rh-negative pregnant women.

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